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Death Valley pt. II

I have a thing for the desert. The extremity, starkness, clarity, subdued colors, intense shadows, life amidst impossible conditions, quiet and stillness all combine to create a sublime experience only available in deserts.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen our fair share—Mojave, Death Valley, Negev, Wadi Rum, Arizona, New Mexico, etc.—and while they all share a familiar vibe, each brings its own spin on desert life, palettes, sights and smells.

This spontaneous drive out to Death Valley National Park was inspired by my torturous experience awaiting final word from my current employer about a possible nposition. Not wanting to be stuck inside alruminating over the possible outcomes, Ashley suggested we take a drive out to the desert to clear my head and have a classic desert experience.

This was not a hard invitation to accept. I promptly packed up my photo gear and we hit the road bright-and-early.

Our previous visit was during the rare ecological phenomenon known as the Superbloom that was accompanied by rare rainstorms in Death Valley, but this one was just another October day.

Here’s what we took.

photographyDanny Rasmussen