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Last-minute Sunrise Wedding at the Newport Beach Pier

Perhaps my favorite thing about photography is the opportunity to meet and interact with people I otherwise would never have met, learn about their lives and what they do, and then try to convey some aspect of that in the product I deliver. That's what keeps me coming back for more, and that's also what led me to say yes when I got a strange text message late Friday night...


Ashley's aunt Stephanie happened to see a Facebook post from her friend Toni who, in a panic, was trying to help her friend Keisha track down a photographer who could shoot her sunrise wedding the next morning. Apparently her photographer bailed/went MIA(??) at the last minute and left Keisha in a bad situation.

But luckily, through the magic of Facebook and strong social networks, she got my number and we were able to fill-in at the eleventh hour.

While weddings in general can be stressful and highly regimented, this one was neither. We arrived bright and early (actually, it was still pretty dark upon arrival...), found a little spot on the sand near the pier and all of a sudden, we were having a wedding.

And it was magical in every way. 

This experience was wild and was an awesome reminder that people are good and friends are everywhere. Do good. Be kind. Make a friend. Blessings will flow.

Danny Rasmussen