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Museum of Ice Cream Tour + Photos | The Rasmussens

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Three years in and going strong! You know when Ashley plans our anniversary because it's fun and beautiful and memorable. This year, we went to the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles which I learned is a really, freaking cool place.

When I think of museum tours, I thought of old paintings or skeletal findings from archaeological digs or those audio tour sticks you hold up to your ear to figure out what's going on. Most museums are in large dark buildings with high ceilings and a general tenor of reverence and wonder.

Well the Museum of Ice Cream bucks those trends in every way. It's loud, bright, bold, fun, vivacious, playful and interactive. The staff dressed in their pale pink uniforms are without exception the type of people you want to hang out with.

The Rooms

Each room booms with the stuff that makes life fun and together provide an experience that inevitably leads to smiles. The tour flowed as follows:

  • Welcome Room
  • Scream for Ice Cream Telephone Room
  • Strawberry + Vine
  • The Banana Room
  • The Mint Chip Room
  • The Sherbet Room
  • The Popsicle Room
  • The Gummy Bear Room
  • The Charcoal Ice Cream Room
  • The Indoor Sprinkle Pool
  • The Breakfast Ice Cream Room
  • Gift Shop


While I loved just about everything about this place, here are some of the highlights.

The Mint Chip Room

In the Mint Chip room you not only get to see real mint growing in real chocolate (well, cacao beans/chips) but you also get a sample of this mint chip mochi that is out of this world good. Thankfully the lady behind us didn't want hers so I got the hookup.

The Gummy Bear Room

For me, this is where the party turned up a notch. They blast the music in the Gummy Bear Room (but thankfully it's not that Gummy Bear song with a billion YouTube views...), give you a handful of gummies and make it a party. Plus, who doesn't love gummy bears?

The Sprinkle Pool

The Mike Trout of attractions at this place, the Sprinkle Pool simply can't be missed. It's weird, and bright, and just pure happiness. PSA: You will come home with sprinkles in places you didn't think the sprinkles could find. Just the other day I put on a pair of shoes that I didn't even wear to the MOIC, and found a green plastic sprinkle inside. Sorcery...

The Breakfast Pancake Ice Cream Sandwich

My feelings about this final treat on the tour can be summed up by this Homer Simpson GIF. I still have dreams about that sandwich.



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