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Some metaphors on self-confidence

1. The bathtub

Takes forever to fill up, but as soon as you pull the plug, it’s gone. And it leaves a nasty residue. Scrub, rinse, plug it up and turn it back on.

2. The balloon

One pin prick in the right spot and BOOM. Down it goes. Back to the pump again. The first breath is the hardest. From there it’s more about sustained effort. Once you get it ready to show off, avoid cacti or kids with safety pins.

3. The tire

Under-pressurize and you lose your grip; over-pressurize and the tire blows. Keep it chill in the sweet pressure level—don’t under do it, but don’t pump yourself up and be in danger of blowing out.

4. The souffle

The delicate dessert when done just right—when the conditions are optimized and in the hands of a master chef—is second to none. Miss one thing and POOF! It collapses.

5. The transmission

Shifting gears when going up hill isn’t easy, and if you’re in too high a gear as you approach one, you’re bound to flounder. Stay in a low gear while ascending, don’t let the extra time it takes to do it right get you down.